The source of beta carotene are carrots, squash, peaches, apricots. A lot of vitamin E contains beet leaves, pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, cabbage. Eat vegetables with each meal. We teamed up with Barry Jay himself to bring you a one hour full body workout so you can reap the benefits of his unique interval technique at home, or on the go. (For a 30 minute version, try canada goose black friday our Barry’s Bootcamp Inspired Abs, Butt, and Core Workout!)You will need:A treadmill, a resistance band, and hand weightsSection 1: TreadmillPlease note that that speeds given are just a suggestion and you can work at your own pace. The goal is to give it your all!3 min walk/jog warm up (3.5 6.0 mph)1 min run (6.0 8.0)1 min sprint (8.5 or higher)1 min recover/walk (3.5)Incline at 2.01 min run (6.0 8.0)1 min sprint (8.5 or higher)1 min recover/walk (3.5)Incline at 4.01 min run (6.0 8.0)1 min sprint (8.5 or higher)1 min recover/walk (3.5)Incline at 6.01 min run (6.0 8.0)1 min sprint (8.5 or higher)1 min recover/walk (3.5)Section 2: Floor WorkComplete each exercise for 1 minute.Hammer CurlStand with your feet hips width apart and knees slightly bent, holding medium or heavy weights (8 12 lbs) at your sides.

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