The theft problem with Smash for Switch

I think «enough» is the key word. For most small medium sized uk moncler outlet scenes, zip ties are a great, cheap solution since you can have hundreds ready in case lots of competitors bring SwitchIts just better than leaving them completely unsecured, and even with simple plastic zip ties you need a knife or scissors to break them, so you be making yourself pretty cheap moncler jackets obvious if someone moncler outlet sale tried unlocking moncler outlet prices one. That the idea I think, to make it just harder to steal, not impossible cheap moncler jackets womens as if it were a storefront or something.If you really worried about getting best moncler jackets yours stolen from a local? Just strap 3 or more zip ties moncler womens jackets so it would take a good minute or two to break all of them. The point is, it would be more difficult than if it were secured with nothing at all, and it a quick and easy solution to the problem of anyone being able to walk away with it.You could put a padlock on it, and if someone really wants to steal it, they will. There always a way. People put their moncler sale outlet Switch in the Dock when they playing and remove it at the end of their set. This has the following benefits:Affordable option for TOs. I don have to spend large amounts moncler outlet store of money on hardware that could be stolen.Tournaments running multiple games on the hardware become easy to run. The players bring their cheap moncler jackets mens own hardware to play the games they interested in.Scaling moncler online store the event up is easy. No spending potentially days unlocking and buying DLC cheap moncler coats mens content for setups.People can play wherever they want. Just pick a station that isn in use to play on and report to the desk after.Entrants are responsible for moncler outlet online their hardware. It up to players to make sure their Switches are secure. is sitting on top of. cheap moncler jackets Keeping this in mind, there should be a uniform base moncler usa for each cheap moncler sale setup. sits on top of a glass box that can be seen from moncler sale online all four sides (the top and bottom of the box can, and should be, wood so that it becomes less difficult to break from above and below). The front facing wall will be open with the top discount moncler jackets containing a hole for the console to connect to the television moncler outlet woodbury that is sitting on top of the box.The dock bottom would be glued to the bottom of said container (so that it makes it difficult to walk with everything outright) and the switch will probably have to be either duck taped into the dock, or some other alternative method. I can really figure out that part. No hassle, just plug and play and connect to the lobby. Might be a little trickier with smash bc of custom battle options like changing knockback but can be done. Odds are one of the two people playing will have a switch. People could offer their docks to be used in tournament, and would have their names written on them and be told where in the venue it would be. I’ve also been to a casual Mario Kart 8 moncler outlet tournament and they zip tied moncler uk outlet the switches. This idea doesn scale.A moncler sale security camera over the area and having everyone sign in with ID probably helps too, if only uk moncler sale so that a thief identity can be determined.Ultimately you can make it impossible, but you might make it more difficult than stealing from somewhere else.

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